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Cambiamenti nel paesaggio. Servizi ecosistemici e biodiversità: un caso di studio in Valle di Ledro (Trento)

The alpine landscape, especially in the last years, has undergone significant changes due to urbanization, intensive agriculture, abandonment of the traditional activities and the progressive natural reforestation. The last two processes determine the quick loss of valuable habitats and compromise the development of the animal species connected with these environments. These problems are acquiring more importance even in the Alpi Ledrensi's territory. The mapping of the landscape and the study of its development discussed in the present thesis will provide a useful tool for the territorial management of the Alpi Ledrensi Reserves Network and for the identification of the conservation priorities within its borders.

Chiara Fedrigotti, Degree Thesis (2014/15)

Department of Life Science and Biotechnologies.
  • Author/s: Chiara Fedrigotti
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