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Lungo i sentieri della Grande Guerra nell'alto Garda e in Valle di Ledro

Escursioni e itinerari di scoperta

This short publication is an invitation to discover this territory and its history. A discovery which should be made by walking the paths that remind of the great historic events and keep their scars. This guide for children suggests and describes four itineraries in the upper Garda's territory, to reconstruct the events of the Great War and discover the signs it left on the territory. The itineraries are completed with news and curiosities connected with the specific historic facts of this special place in Trentino. For each itinerary also the difference in height, the walking time and the difficulty level are indicated.
  • Series: La montagna dei ragazzi, conoscere la montagna attraverso la grande guerra
  • Publisher: Egon
  • Year: 2014
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