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Artistic Residence in Val di Ledro

Ledro Land Art 2020 - Selection of Works of Art Projects

( Pieve di Ledro, 24 February 2020 )

The cultural association Encontrarte, in collaboration with the council of Ledro and the Alpines net of Ledro, start the project research for the insertion of two new works in the inner of the artistic way Ledro Land Art, in Pur, along the path that coast the river Assat bring to Malga Cita. The selection works will realize partially or totally in the place and insert in the open air way, subordinate then at the change and deterioration in base also of atmospheric causes. 

For further information on participation requirements, please read the following attachment or visit www.ledrolandart.eu.


Scadenza: 30 Aprile 2020

Artistic Residence in Val di Ledro
Artistic Residence in Val di Ledro
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